A Guy Fixes Saphira’s Phone For Free – .wmv

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 360/mb
A Guy Fixes Saphira's Phone For Free -

Saphira spent a lot of money for a new Galaxy phone so when it all of a sudden quits working she is pissed. She saved up for it and can barely meet her apartment rental so has no way to get it fixed. She’s really down but one day she meets some one who may help her out. In the elevator on her way to her job as a telemarketer she notices a guy wearing overalls bearing the name of her phone manufacturer. She tells him about her phone problem and he says he can fix it. She says she has no money and he asks if they can exchange favors. Saphira asks what he means by that. He admits that he has an ‘ass fetish’ and if she will allow him to do whatever he wants to her booty, he will fix her phone for free. Saphira has never done anything like this before but really needs to get her phone fixed so she agrees to the deal. The guy gets to spend his fantasy exploring her big, soft, white bottom while she tests her phone to make sure she got the "better end" of the deal.

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