Bianca’s Whitey Tighties – .mp4

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 91/mb
Bianca's Whitey Tighties -

Sexy redhead Bianca Rose torments you in her white pantyhose. She has such a great booty and she knows it so she dances in front of you, gyrating her hips and thrusting her booty in your face. She knows you can see thru them so she reaches her hands down the back of the hose and plays with her cheeks- wouldn’t you like to do that? She knows you’re getting very hot so the next time she reaches under her pantyhose she lets them slip down to reveal her crack and white buttocks. She continues to taunt you and lets them slide all the way down. Now that her naked butt is fully exposed, she spreads to show you a quick glimpse of her tight little bootyhole. Then she raises them and gives herself some wedgies- hmmmm, a wedgie feels so good ‘down there’. Two camera angles and all original sound.

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