I Fix Jade’s Bruised Bottom – .mov

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I Fix Jade's Bruised Bottom -

I’m bored so drop in on my neighbor Jade. We chat for a while but I notice she is uncomfortable. She is wiggling around on the sofa and cannot sit still. When I ask what her problem is she says her butt itches terribly. She rules out any allergies but says it might be dry skin. Finally she admits that she fell on ice and landed square on her rump. She says "no" when I ask if she looked at it, so I offer to check it out for her. She bends over the couch and I lift up her dress. She is wearing nylon-colored pantyhose but it is difficult for me to see clearly through them so I ask if I can pull them down. "Sure", she says. I want to help but nervously lower her undies as I never saw her bare butt before. The sight of her big white ginger cheeks excites me but I try to act professional. I tell her she has large red bruises on both cheeks and I get my healing creme. I slowly spread the creme on her bottom and rub it gently onto each soft ass cheek. She enjoys the sensation of being massaged there and I continue working and rubbing the oil in. When I’m done I pull her pantyhose back up and she sits down, remarking how much better she feels and thanking me for being such a nice guy for doing this to her.

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