Japanese Schoolgirl Plays The Counting Game – .mp4

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Japanese Schoolgirl Plays The Counting Game -

Haven’t seen my good friend’s daughter, Bella, since they moved to Japan years ago. Now they are back in the states and drop Bella off to stay a day with me. She arrives in her adorable Japanese dress and she looks cuter than I remembered her. We talk about old times and a game we used to play, the "Counting Game". In it, she had to guess how many times i spanked her. If she got it correct, she got a prize. She giggles when I talk about it but, to my amazement, she wants to play it again. She lays over my lap and I lightly spank her cute bottom as she wriggles and giggles. When she misses the first few tries, she asks me to lift her dress up because she can’t feel my hand well. I start spanking her panty-clad butt and she starts to get some right. I remove her panties and love the sight of he little bum. I slap her cheeks and watch them shake and turn red. I add excitement to the game by pinching her. She is enjoying it so I add another twist. I begin poking her anus and she laughs as she says "it tickles". After a while I run out of prize money but we decide to play again the following game. Featuring Bella Ink. Two cameras record all the action.

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