Jenn’s Anal Spanking – .mp4

Clip Time: 5 Minutes Clip Size: 85/mb
Jenn's Anal Spanking -

Jenn was supposed to was my car while I was gone. Instead, when I get home, I find her eating popcorn and playing video games. This is the third time she disobeyed me in as many days. I’ve tried giving her old-fashioned Over-The-Knee spankings but they never work. So this time, I decide to really teach her a lesson. I force her to put her elbows on the floor and wrap her long legs around my waist as I sit on a chair. That way I have her ass right in front of me and easy to spank. I slap her bumm over and over, alternating between spanking and rubbing her cheeks. I lift her dress up- she is not wearing panties! I know she hates anything anal so I purposely stick one finger in her asshole and leave it there while I continue to spank her with the other hand. Two cameras catch all the action- one POV closeup of her butt and the other of her face. In HD 1920x1080p .MP4 format

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