Jenn’s Booty Gets A Massage

Clip Time: 13 Minutes Clip Size: 799/mb
Jenn's Booty Gets A Massage

Pretty Jenn schedules and appointment with Frank Lacey for a massage. He instructs her to get nude and cover herself with a towel on the massage table. She strips out of her clothes and calls for Frank. He begins massaging her thru the towel but quickly removes it so that he can apply lotion to her entire body. With Jenn on her back, he rubs her entire body including her breasts. He has her turn onto her tummy so he can work on her back, legs and, mostly her booty. He gently massages and spreads each ass cheek. With the camera closeup on her bottom, he continues rubbing her butt and then beging rubbing and inserting his finger in and out of her asshole. Very close POV and two cameras show all the action. In the end Jenn thanks Frank and says he had a wonderful time. In HD 1920x1080p .wmv format.

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