Playing With Madison’s Bottom

Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 620/mb
Playing With Madison's Bottom

Madison shares the same apartment complex as my wife and I do. We see each other occasionally in the hallway or parking lot and always exchange greetings. She is a gorgeous young blonde and I keep tabs on when her husband leaves for a business trip. In the past, I’ve dropped in on her and, although she seems not interested, she always lets me play with her ass. Let me set this straight- she has one of the biggest, softest, sexiest behinds that I’ve ever seen so when I can play with it, I rise to the occasion. Maybe she does not consider what I do to be sexual? Anyway, once her husband is gone I drop in and ask if I can visit. When she reluctantly says ‘OK’, my heart starts throbbing thinking about playing with her big booty. She is reading a magazine and lets me have my fun as long as I do not interrupt her reading. I begin gently massaging her massive butt cheeks over her pajamas. After a while, I lower them to reveal her thong and bare cheeks. I play with them and eventually move my hand underneath her undies. The feel of her soft, moist, bum drives me crazy. My fingers instinctively begin to explore her ass crack. My finger roams up and down and finally my fingertip finds her soft brown hole. I massage it a bit, then lower her thong. I continue the groping but spend more time playing with her butt hole, I lube my fingertip so, with a little bit of pushing, manage to push my finger into her tight asshole. I enjoy the feeling of her tight young anus pushing my finger out while I try to push it back in. All the while, Madison is just reading her magazine and is fine with what I am doing as long as I do not interrupt her favorite reading material.

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