The Ass-anas In Yoga Pants Fast Download Wmv

Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 121/mb
The Ass-anas In Yoga Pants Fast Download Wmv

I am doing my yoga at home and my boyfriend is watching me but I don’t notice. I’m wearing tight yoga pants and he sees my ass in the various asanas- plenty of downward dog and other poses that show off my big buttcheeks. I don’t even know he’s watching me closely, but I’m bending over in his face practically and I have no idea how much my yoga pants show off my ass! After a while I notice he’s watching, and that he’s hard, and I encourage him to take care of it and jerk off while I do some of him favorite yoga asanas. Finally he can’t take it any more and he straddle my ass, gripping it in one hand and shoving his cock down my pants to my bare ass for a moment before jerking off and cumming ropes of white sperm all over my yoga pants. He rubs it in with his dick like a paint brush. What a good way to end a yoga session!

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