Belly Bowling

Clip Time: 11 Minutes Clip Size: 92/mb
Belly Bowling

One word describes this video: UNBELIEVABLE! Who would have thought that the soft belly of a woman could survive such a merciless assault by a hard 16 pound bowling ball? Yet, it survives, and a surprising development occurs. Not only does the force of the bowling ball ramming into her gut not kill her she becomes extremely aroused by it! This is a woman who normally loves the feeling of hard flesh against soft flesh as a mans fyst penetrates her belly deeply and sensually, what is it about the cold, heavy polyurethane sphere that excites her so? Is it that the grunts and groans the ball forces from her lips remind her of sex sounds? Or is it that between violent thrusts of the ball into her gut, the ball is rolled around her stomach and crotch and stimulates all that is female about her? Watch this one and decide for yourself! The video features white blouse scenes tucked in and out, and stunning views of arguably the sexiest belly in the world. Hot bowling ball on belly action like you wont find anywhere on the internet! Seriously.

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