Eructation and hiccupping from my pot-belly! MP4

Clip Time: 16 Minutes Clip Size: 933/mb
Eructation and hiccupping from my pot-belly! MP4

After the worker, in shop I have bought beer, and I want will relax, to fall asleep in the evening, in front of the TV more strong! But as soon as I have begun to drink beer, in my stomach that that purrs and it is difficult to me to breathe, my big eructation all outside, it is so vile, I am beauty Lucie, and so awfully I do an eructation, long and loud, very much the pot-belly hiccups, I can’t stop it, I drink further and further, the stomach as a sphere is inflated, became round and elastic, fat, I any more can’t drink as to me it is bad from an eructation and hiccuppings sometimes shivers

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