Tanya fascination with your belly button. MP4

Clip Time: 12 Minutes Clip Size: 703/mb
Tanya fascination with your belly button

Request: Tanya has always had a fascination with your belly button. She tries over and over again to get you to let her lick it but you wouldnt let you. So one day had had enough and wanted it so bad. She goes into your room and pushes you to the bed and strangles you to death. You die with your eyes closed and tongue sticking out. You are wearing black tight jeans and a white button down shirt and no lipstick and Tanya is wearing dark blue jeans and a bra and doesnt have lipstick on either. She then unbuttons your shirt and then starts licking and kissing your belly button. She sticks it deep down your naval and around it and so forth. She even goes up to your face and licks your sticking out tongue and kisses and licks you on the lips. After she is done she lays down right beside you and then falls asleep and the camera sits for a 1 or 2 then fades. The whole time the camera is in a position where your face and belly button are in prefect view and still.

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