Veronica Jett Belly Show Clip 1

Clip Time: 4 Minutes Clip Size: 21/mb
Veronica Jett Belly Show Clip 1

Veronica comes into the doctors office complaining of a belly ache. She is wincing in pain as she rubs her belly while she tells the doctor what she ate. You can hear her belly grumble as she stands there. As the doctor questions her about her dietary choices, Veronica gets impatient and wants to be cured fast. The doctor takes his magic dinosaur healing device to her belly as she whines about the pain. After the doctor takes his magic probe to her belly, Veronica tells him she feels better, and asks if that is all there is. He tells her to go to the front desk and the receptionist will set her up. 4:25 Min 720C480 Screen Size

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