Are You Gonna Watch Him Bust a Load in There?

Clip Time: 5 Minutes Clip Size: 189/mb
Are You Gonna Watch Him Bust a Load in There?

Now…the part that Steven thought HE was going to be doing and now he can only watch and wonder…….WHAT IF?? It’s not going to be him today, that’s for sure. I go back into Up and Over Doggie Anal and Summer Day make him watch closely as I drill her asshole and gape it over and over again. Steven is really pissed off and you can see that by his body language, his head shaking from side to side and his arms flailing wildly. After an intense ass fucking, I pop a huge load of cum directly into her asshole for an INTERNAL ANAL CREAMPIE. I had no idea I’d be fucking this hot blonde’s ass today, but I guess it’s my lucky day after all. Hear the GAPE FARTING SOUNDS as well. See the huge cum load pour out of her asshole LIKE A RIVER! Hear the CUM FARTING and check out the CUM BUBBLES coming out of her asshole! * ANAL CREAMPIE * ANAL CUCKOLD * UP AND OVER DOGGIE ANAL * GAPING * GAPE FARTING * CUM FARTING * CUM BUBBLES * CUM POURING OUT OF ASSHOLE * CUMMING INTO ASSHOLE * HUMILIATION * TEASE AND TORMENT * TEASE AND DENIAL *

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