BestOfCuckoldFantasiesPOVVol4 – Clip 3 – MP4

Clip Time: 5 Minutes Clip Size: 31/mb
BestOfCuckoldFantasiesPOVVol4 - Clip 3 - MP4

But you can’t eat it all. She unlocks the chastity device and makes you fuck her so you can feel the sperm of better men squishing around your little dick. The intense sensation brings you to a powerful orgasm.Later, Flower humiliates you by MAKING YOU WEAR PANTYHOSE. You meekly struggle, but your wife is clearly in charge. Then she graciously fucks you again in your feminized state.Soon you explode inside her. You think you’ve gotten off easy, but think again. She orders you to eat your own nasty load out of her, and this time you’d better swallow it all!!!

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