BestOfCuckoldFantasiesPOVVol6 – Clip10 – WMV

Clip Time: 4 Minutes Clip Size: 38/mb
BestOfCuckoldFantasiesPOVVol6 - Clip10 - WMV

But as soon as you’ve built up a big load of cum and you’re ready to blow, she stops and locks you up in a CHASTITY DEVICE. Immediately she starts VERBALLY HUMILIATING you and you realize you’re screwed!Later, Ashli brings home her boyfriend and FUCKS HIM in front of you. They mock you as they fuck like crazy, both calling you a CUCKOLD BITCH. You watch as your evil step-daughter ORGASMS while pounded doggy-style. You burn with shame and jealousy as her boyfriend’s much BIGGER COCK slides in and out of her tight hole.

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