Cream pie for cuckold hubby – iPod Clip

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 28/mb
Cream pie for cuckold hubby - iPod Clip

Diane walks into the living room where her cucky hubby is sat watching TV, she tells him that she has just finished fucking roger upstairs and that her pussy is drenched with his cum. She tells Harold that she wants him to lick all of her handsome new lovers cum out of her pussy so that she feels clean and ready for the next time roger wants to fuck her. Harold does as his wife asks and gets his head between her legs to lap up the cream pie roger has left for him. Diane tells her sub cuck hubby that this is as close to sex as he will get from now, and that the only time he will get close to her pussy is to either watch her lovers cock going in and out of it or to clean up the cum from one of her hot passionate sessions. Harold gets his tongue deep into Diane’s wet cum soaked pussy and does his best to clean her up for the next round of hot sex with the new lover who now sleeps in his bed. Diane tells the hubby that she is having so much fun with her new found sex life and wishes she had done it years ago. She humiliates her hubby for being so useless in bed and tells him that if he had fucked her like a real man she wouldn’t need to find anyone else. Harold laps away at the loves cum in shame. At the end roger comes into the room and ads to Harold’s humiliation by rubbing his face in the cum dripping pussy. Roger forces Harold to lick the mess up by holding his head by his hair and ears rubbing his face up and down his wife’s pussy. Diane encourages her new lover to humiliate the hubby and tells him what a real tough man he is. Poor old Harold. Diane sucks on the new lovers big cock while hubby does his fluffing duties.

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