Cuckold Cum for Dinner! – HotWife Kira

Clip Time: 12 Minutes Clip Size: 148/mb
Cuckold Cum for Dinner! - HotWife Kira

HotWife Kira is getting fucked by her Lover! She has her Chastitized Cuck Bitch on a leash, pulls him in and humiliates him massively. She forces him to watch what he cant have! He is forced to beg her Lover to fuck her good..pulling him hard by his pathetic useless cock and balls.When her Lover is ready to Cum she has him Cum onto the Cuckolds dinner plate, THEN SHE ORDERS YOU – THE VIEWER in a spectacular POV to eat every single drop of it!!!….Then force feed every single drop to the Cum Eating Cuck Bitch!

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