Cuckold Used Condom Humiliation – Nurse Chantelle – 720 wmv

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 127/mb
Cuckold Used Condom Humiliation - Nurse Chantelle - 720 wmv

So you small cock looser, Nurse Chantelle is here to torment you. She has been fucking one of the doctors, now normally she likes to feel there creampie, but just for you, she asked him to wear a condom. Obviously this was not out of respect for you, in fact the total opposite. Nurse Chantelle has a wicked plan the the pathetic tiny cock looser of a patient that you are, she is going to make you wear the used condom. She taunts you, letting you know you do not measure up like the real men in her live, her lovers, your just a small dick looser! She takes great pleasure in reminding you about the lack of meat on your manhood, before she puts the cum filled used condom on your pathetic cock. She laughs as she massages a real mans sperm onto your limp cock. Her expert hands teasing an erection from you, she expertly wanks you, laughing at your humiliation, you are her pet. You sloppy cock released from the condom for another humiliation, the contents of the condom are emptied over you flaccid cock. Her lover cum oozing over you, she uses it as a lube to masturbate you, but don’t for one second think she will let you cum!

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