Cuckold Weekend #5

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Cuckold Weekend #5

HUGE SALE!!! LESS THAN 50% OFF!! LIMITED TIME!!! My Hubby sent me to another City to be used. I was to spread my legs to let any black cock shove himself deep in any of my available holes. And here is the twist! I also am on a webcam site and had a cuckold who logged on to stroke his little cock as I shove HUGE objects inside me as I told him of all the dominant black bulls who stretched out all my holes, and used me to pump me full of sperm. I rewarded his lust for me to be used and asked if the next time, would he be interested if I made him to eat every last load of cum. Even told him, I would make him lick out all the sperm from my well used asshole. That he would have to lick and clean all my creampies, no matter what the hole! He jumped at the chance, so I had him fly out from out West to join me for an entire weekend of being my, "slut." To lick and clean every sticky, thick, load of semen that was dumped on and in me! He eagerly agreed, and added that he wanted to kiss me deeply immediately after I sucked on their cocks. That he wanted to lick up my long strands of saliva as I was being choked and gagged by their thick monster cocks. This is the story of this very kinky and twisted weekend. Would you like to be next….? ***************************************************************************************** These four black bulls sexually humiliated me. Each took a magic marker and wrote filthy, nasty words all over me. On my thighs, chest and even across my ass! Words from "whore", to "Slut Bitch" and everything in between. I was told that they wanted to see me choke to the point of throwing up. To show them what a dirty married whore I truly was! And they tried! I was sputtering and gagging as thick strands of saliva was spilling out nonstop. Tears and makeup were streaming down my face as each tried to make me throw up. I felt so humiliated. All I could do was look over to my Cuckold helplessly as I saw how excited he was. They were talking to each other as if I wasn’t even there. Calling me names. Telling each other how warm and hot my married mouth was around each of their cocks. And then they threw me on the bed and mounted me. There was no stopping them as they acted like animals. No mercy for me as they were engorged with pure unadulterated lust. Remember, this is the second day of feeding my Cuckold cream pies and sperm. And these four black bulls were so aggressive and excited that they quickly came inside me and one even pulled out as he sprayed my stomach with his semen as my cuckold again, cheered them on. Afterwards, I was literally laying in messy cum filled puddles, exhausted. The words they wrote on me all smeared, my holes so used and stretched out, and reeking of sperm. My Cucky didn’t need any prompting as the stench of sperm filled the air. He quickly got onto the bed and started to lick off the thick puddles of sperm on my stomach. He slowly made his way down to my well stretched out hole which stilled had so much sperm oozing back out. I even pushed my fingers inside me to get them coated with sperm and hand fed my Cuck as he quickly sucked them into his mouth. I ended his feeding by having him get a mouth full of semen and coming up to my mouth so we could exchange it in messy kisses! There is nothing like a cuckold to clean a girl up!

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