Cuckolds first taste of cum straight from the source. Rogers birthday treat – Small file

Clip Time: 9 Minutes Clip Size: 76/mb
Cuckolds first taste of cum straight from the source

Finally today is Rogers birthday and Diane has a very special night planned for him. First of all when roger comes home from work he is going to be greeted by Harold the sub cuck hubby. Diane has been planning this for days and she wants it to be perfect. Harold has his instructions to suck of roger until he cums in his mouth. At 19:00 roger comes home and Diane tells roger that her cuckold husband wants to suck his cock for his birthday present. . Roger laughs and pulls his pants down for the cuck to get started. Harold puts Rogers dick in his mouth and starts to suck on it exactly how his wife had instructed and trained with the banana days earlier. Roger and Diane kiss each other as the cuck husband is on his knees sucking on his wife’s new lovers cock. Roger forces his big cock into Harold’s mouth making him gag on it. Diane laughs and degrades her little hubby while he sucks on the new lovers cock. Roger fucks the slut hubby’s mouth with his dick and makes him nearly throw up, While Roger forces his cock into the submissive husbands mouth he fingers Diane’s pussy for added humiliation to the cuckold husband.. Poor cucky Harold does his best to keep focused and suck off Rogers cock properly as instructed. Finally roger cums right into the hubby’s mouth! Harold was shocked as the lovers cum hit the back of his throat! It nearly made him choke! You can see in Harold’s face that this was a very unpleasant experience for him as he gags on his wife’s boyfriends cum with a cock still in his mouth. Diane tells her hubby to swallow every last bit of it and be grateful that she keeps him around. Roger and Diane laugh at the husband and humiliate him for having a mans cum dripping down his chin. Harold hangs his head in shame and says nothing. Roger and Diane kiss each other in front of Harold while he kneels embarrassed holding onto the taste of his wife’s lovers cum.

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