Forced humiliation HD

Clip Time: 4 Minutes Clip Size: 245/mb
Forced humiliation HD

Do you think that I actually got dressed up for you? Haha these tits and my sexy body are NOT for a loser like yourself. You are going to be my cuckold for the night. That’s right, look at how big my tits are and how hard your dick is. I am locking you into permanent chastity as of right now. You can’t touch yourself and you have to sit in there corner like a good slave. My bull is coming over any minute and he is going to give me a good fucking! Something you and your tiny cock would NEVER be able to do. Aww you look so pathetic locked up in chastity while I real man runs his hands all over my sexy body and fucks me every which way. Do you know what your surprise is? I bet you think I am going to let you out of chastity to pleasure yourself but you’re wrong. I am going to force you to eat up every last drop of cum from my stud. I hope you enjoy it, loser! – Hannah Perez

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