Gianna The Cuckolding Bitch

Clip Time: 23 Minutes Clip Size: 587/mb
Gianna The Cuckolding Bitch

Having a trophy wife is a tricky thing. You have to keep her bank account filled with her monthly allowance or else. Well, in this clip you’re trying to explain to Gianna that you took a beating in the market and you don’t have the money that you usually have to give her this month. In fact, you’re skyping from out of town because you’re trying to get some work done in order to pay her…but it’s not enough. Gianna doesn’t care about your excuses, she wants her money. And to teach you a lesson she’s going to fuck the hot neighbor and make you watch. She invites him over, gags on his cock, fucks him and takes a big salty load in the mouth all while you cry and cry. Next time send the money and this won’t happen.

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