How far can i push my cuckold husband before he packs his bags and leaves – Mobile Devices

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How far can i push my cuckold husband before he packs his bags and leaves - Mobile Devices

Diane is at home alone with her cuckold husband while roger is in the pub with his friends. She asks Harold how far she can push him before he packs his bags and leaves. What about if i spit in your face face and tell you that you are a worthless lover and pathetic husband? Would that make you leave? Diane spits into the slut hubby’s face several times, but he doesn’t leave. How about if i blow the snot out of my nose onto your face, will this make you leave? Diane blows several thick strands of snot out of her nose onto the hubby’s face, but he still didn’t leave! The cuckold’s face is disgraced with his wife’s snot dangling off it. How about if i fart into your open mouth? Would this make you leave? Diane forces the cuckold hubby’s head onto the couch and sits on top of him, she farts directly into his open mouth making him swallow her disgusting smelly farts. But he still didn’t leave. It seems that Harold is here to stay whatever his wife does to him. Diane decides to phone her new lover roger and tells him to bring some friends home from the pub to humiliate the husband whore. She goes into vivid detail that Rogers friends must cum in his face, fuck his ass and do disgusting things into his mouth! Diane puts the phone down and tells her sissy hubby to prepare himself for Rogers friends! What a horrible night it is going to be for sad old Harold!

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