Hubby. Show Roger your pathetic little excuse for a penis. I want him to see why i need a real man – Mobile Devices

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 33/mb
Hubby. Show Roger your pathetic little excuse for a penis

Harold is at home reading a book waiting for his wife to come home. She comes home with Roger her new lover! The two lovers blatantly fondle and kiss each other in front of the cuckold husband as Harold sits on his couch feeling so small and ashamed. Diane introduces her new lover to her worthless weasel of a husband and explains he has never satisfied her in the 30 years of marriage. She tells her hubby how gorgeous her new lover. Roger humiliates the hubby by telling him to watch as he plays with his wife’s tits in front of her, The cocky lover rubs his hand in and out of Harold’s wife’s crotch and kisses her in front of him. Diane takes out her new lovers huge cock and starts to suck him off in front of her cuckold husband. The new lover Roger is a cocky arrogant character and loves the fact his new girlfriend is sucking him off in front of her cuckold husband. Diane tells her cucky hubby to take his pants down so that Roger can see what a pathetic little man he is. Harold timidly removes his pants showing the cocky new lover his small and worthless dick. Roger laughs at him and sympathises with Diane for being married to such a tiny little dick for all those years. Diane and Roger make fun of the submissive cuckold husband. Diane takes Rogers big dick in hand and tells her husband that this is what a dick should look like. Roger makes fun of the cuck by banging his big dick against the sub cuck’s tiny little pecker. Diane tells her sub husband to hold her new lovers cock in his hand so that he can see how a real cock should feel. The two new lovers mock the cucky for his inadequate manhood. Roger is a real arrogant asshole and its obvious that Harold is totally ashamed.

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