Humiliating Hubby #2-3

Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 82/mb
Humiliating Hubby #2-3

I humiliate my hubby as I sneak two black men into my house and I let him do anything they want to me. And, what they did was use me as their filthy, white cunt. They "tag team" me in various positions and then one of them rams his black cock in my ass and forces me to take it till he shoots his sperm inside my stretched out asshole. They then took a stainless steel speculum and opened up my asshole, so you can see all that sperm in a puddle back inside me. To further use me, they put a dogdish between my legs so all that seed spills into it, for me to lick up later. The other black man continues to use me till my hubby unrepentantly comes home!! You see my husband walking in, and catch me, right in the act! He then is told by my black lover to sit down and watch as he finishes using me!!! He even is told to take his puny white dick out and masturbate as he is forced to watch……. My Black lover talks to my hubby and actually shows him what a true whore I am for black cock. He tells him what a cheap whore I am, and that he can shove his black cock inside me anytime he wants. And what he does next is sooooooooooooooooo nasty………..and degrading!! My black lover dumps his seed into my cunt. And he tells him, along with me, for my hubby to get down on all 4′s and lick and suck out all of that seed!!! But the really twisted part is that my black lover wasn’t satisfied he was doing it right, so he shoved my hubbys fingers deep inside me, covering them with his own sperm, and them smearing them all over my poor hubbys face!!!!!!!!! Unreal!!! There is no turning back, now. My hubby is a TRUE cuckold.

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