Husband’s Sloppy Seconds 3

Clip Time: 9 Minutes Clip Size: 69/mb
Husband's Sloppy Seconds 3

All this happened IMMEDIATELY after several black men used me. After they repeatedly dumped their sperm in my holes, they left me in one very messy sticky mess. My husband passed them as they all left, and he sat down right beside me as he slipped a finger deep inside me, feeling how stretched out I was as well as all the sperm that was pumped in my fertile pussy. That got him so excited, he wanted to see how I sucked all that black cock, so I wrapped my tired lips around his little cock, showing him, just how I was a married whore for black cock. You can even hear how raspy and hoarse my voice was as I had been using my mouth to service all of those black men just moments before. He just had to be inside me, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to feel my pussy walls as they were too stretched out and used, but he pushed his tiny cock in anyway, and pumped away! He kept telling me how good I looked, all used. I was still wearing the sheer seamed stockings and high heels but he mostly loves that I was still reeking of other men’s cum. He even ate my pussy that was so full of other men’s sperm before pushing his cock inside of me! He finally had cum and not only added his semen to all the other men’s, but he took his cock out and sprayed the outside of it too. But he was still so excited about me smelling like other men’s cum, that he got hard within minutes, again, and fucked me some more! He pulled out, and filled my mouth this time, as I took an entire mouthful of his sperm, as it spilled out and completely coated my face. I have never felt so used and cheap….but sooooo excited. I was made to be used like this.

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