I Just Fucked Your Wife! – Lisa makes chastized cuck eat her bulls cum

Clip Time: 17 Minutes Clip Size: 775/mb
I Just Fucked Your Wife! - Lisa makes chastized cuck eat her bulls cum

If you downloaded "I just Fucked Your Wife" from our other clips page , this one is the same evening with some added footage of me cleaning her cum splattered pussy. So if you have that clip, this one is very similar and you may not want to download it. That said, I’ve seen many men fuck my wife over the years. She seems to enjoy it more and more as she’s gotten more comfortable with the freedom she has to fuck whenever she wants. Lisa’s bull had fucked her for about 45 minutes and this part begins with him suggesting to fuck her in the doggy position, this is Lisa’s favorite as it affords the deepest level of penetration, which makes her cum so easily. As the clip starts, she is on all fours, her ass up high as he applies some lube to make it easier for her to take him. As he does this you can see his cock throbbing, ready to fuck my wife. He enters Lisa from behind, she grunts and moans with pleasure. This continues for several minutes, you can really appreciate his size if you notice him rigid just before entering her then the close-up of his BBC buried inside her. He is balls deep, hitting Lisa’s cervix as her shaved pussy quivers and drips with her womanly juices. Lisa had locked me before we left the house and asked that I video my condition for you and her partner to see, I fumble with the lock, there is no way to remove it until we get home. He is fucking my wife, she moans ‘you’re so big’ and I’m locked a few feet away, This is what its’ like to be cuckolded. He asks her if she wants hubby lick her pussy while he fucks her, Lisa says yes, he lifts one of her legs and fucks slides his black cock inside her again, then Lisa call me over and tells me to eat her. His cock slides in and out as i Lick her erect clit, He’s fucking her harder and deeper, and I knew he was soon to cum. He pulls out and tells my wife to ‘jerk it’, she grabs him with both hands as his cum floods her belly and pussy lips as they both come to orgasm right in front of me. Lisa spreads his cum, leans back and relaxes, She takes the camera and focuses on my chastity locked manhood, and asks how i felt watching that while I was all locked up. I attempt to masturbate, jerking myself furiously even though I’m locked. Even though I’m relatively small, you can see my penis straining to escape its confines as I jerk it. They chit chat and laugh while I struggle with the cage. He clearly sees me lying next to my just fucked wife, locked in a chastity device. He recognizes t that she has cuckolded me, and further humiliates me by blurting out – then he adds – "AND CAME ALL OVER HER PUSSY" There are no words to describe what it’s like hearing another man say that while I’m lying on the bed with my dick in a cage. Lisa affirms that he fucked her good – as if I didn’t know! She spreads her legs and asks me if I want some, I see her pussy is splattered with his cum, Nevertheless, I know what she wants and I clean up the mess he left while they talk and chit chat. There is so much cum glistening on her belly and pussy that I can’t believe what I’m seeing, At the end she shows me how deep he was in side her, she points to her belly button covered in his sperm and says he was ‘all the way up to here’, he quickly adds – "that’s her cervix"!. All I know is – that’s a place that I’ll never be, and a place my wife wants her men to be able to reach. Hope you enjoy the clip.

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