If you were a real man i wouldn’t have to go out with other men – iPod, iPhone & iPad

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If you were a real man i wouldn't have to go out with other men - iPod, iPhone & iPad

Ive been a little bit naughty darling, you know Jim from your work? ive got a date with him tonight. He’s been telling me what a whining little wimp you are at work, we have been laughing at you darling.Its your fault darling, If you were a real man i wouldn’t need to go out with other guys would i? Anyway, Jim is taking me out tonight so i want you to go out of the house again, i don’t want you to be here when i bring Jim home to fuck me. I can’t wait actually, i think he’s gorgeous, he’s a proper man, a hard man, he’s gona give me a good servicing tonight and you can’t be here. Your not a man darling don’t be daft.Your not even a little boy. But i do like having you around to tease. How humiliating is it that im going out with one of your work mates? How will you feel on Monday morning when all your other colleagues are laughing at you for being such a wimp. Tell me everything they say darling won’t you. This is the only way darling, if you wana stay this is the way things are going to be. You pathetic excuse for a man.

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