IM JUST BACK FROM MY DATE – iPod, iPhone & iPad

Clip Time: 4 Minutes Clip Size: 19/mb
IM JUST BACK FROM MY DATE - iPod, iPhone & iPad

Get in here slave, ive got a job for you. Ive just been out to the cinema with Marcus, You know what happens when Marcus takes me to the cinema don’t you? He can’t control himself, we were sitting on the back row and it was deserted up there.He unzipped his trousers and i gave him a blow job right there in the cinema with other people watching the movie below us. It turns me on to have sex in public places slave! After i had given his big cock a good French polishing with my hot mouth i straddled over him and rode his shaft throughout the movie. It was so horny to fuck in the dark cinema with everyone else in the room not knowing. Anyway slave, now im home and my soiled pussy needs a good cleaning. I could feel his cum in my pussy all through the walk home.Get down on your knees and get to work, i want you to vacuums his cum out of my pussy with your mouth and tongue. And when i feel its clean enough i want you to clean all of the sticky rice pudding that has seeped out of my pussy lips and into the crotch of my panties.

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