*In HD* Met my black ex in a club and brought him back home Part 2

Clip Time: 4 Minutes Clip Size: 140/mb
*In HD* Met my black ex in a club and brought him back home Part 2

Saturday’s for dancing! Unfortunately my boyfriend had to work and I had to go to the club on my own. It wouldn’t stop me from having a good time though. If my boyfriend didn’t want to dance with me the hot guys in the club certainly enjoyed it. Especially my ex boyfriend that I met coincidentally. It’s nice when and old ex still adores you that much! He couldn’t take his eyes off me and couldn’t control his wandering hands, not in the toilet nor dance floor.After the two of us had danced half of the night, rubbing our sweating bodies against each other, I took him home. Feeling his massive black cock through his trousers for hours made me horny and I guessed my boyfriend would be still working anyway. To my surprise he greeted us in the hallway. He had no idea what was going on, he was totally confused. I didn’t waste my time explaining to him what happened but just took my black ex boyfriend with the huge cock by the hand and led him to the bedroom where my confused boyfriend had to watch me getting fucked really hard by another man on our bed.

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