Lick It Up Cuck On Sale and In HD Cuckold

Clip Time: 21 Minutes Clip Size: 950/mb
Lick It Up Cuck On Sale and In HD Cuckold

NOW Available in HD and on Sale………..mmmmm lick up my botfriends CUM CuckyLick Up The CUM CuckySally D’angeloRichard Mann"Wild" Bill Lickcock Sally D’angelo is now on millionaire Husband #9 and decides it is time to show Bill for years and there is no way she’s quitting now. This Black Man dominates his wife making her his slut ….Bill has no choice but to follow their orders , he watches as the his wife is man handled by this Black Man and there is nothing he can say or do about it, he takes her to the bedroom and fucks her in every imaginable position, they both humiliate the cuck by making him strip and show his tiny cock and compare it to a real man’s dick , The "Bull" fucks his wife like the whore she is right in front of cucky and after several minutes of love he shoots a massive load of CUM all over his wife’s pussy ,….. but wait cucky might think that is the end of the night, but now it’s "CLEAN" up time …you guessed it, cucky is forced to lick up all that Black Mans JIZZ and swallow it

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