Lick my feet clean while Leyroy is at work. When he comes back you can suck his too – Small file

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 55/mb
Lick my feet clean while Leyroy is at work

Leyroy is out at work leaving Bob alone with his wife for a change. Selene makes Bob the cuckold husband lick her feet while she relaxes on the couch waiting for her lover to come home. She asks him how he is enjoying his new life as her cuckold husband? She tells him that if he had treated her right there would have been no need for this to happen. She tells him that he was always pathetic in bed and that he never took her out anywhere. But that’s ok, she has a real man to look after her now. Leyroy arrives home from work and sits down next to Selene, takes his shoes off and plonks his bare feet down next to hers for the worthless husband to lick clean. The two lovers rub each other up and kiss as Bob the cuck worships their feet.

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