Messy Creampies For Cuck 3

Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 78/mb
Messy Creampies For Cuck 3

Its time to feed my Cuck. So I had quite a few men to pump me full of sperm so he could lick and eat it all out. I dressed like a whore to get them all excited as they took turns with me, as they called me filthy names as they shoved their cocks inside of me for the sole purpose of pumping their cum in my married hole. And that’s exactly what each of them did. One after another. Some two at a time, others mounted me separately. But I could feel their streams of semen shooting inside me before they pulled out. I lost count of the men, but I knew my pussy was full of strangers sperm. It was time for my Chuck’s daily feeding. Making him push his finger inside me to scoop up some of the cum, I made him taste it. Then I grabbed the back of his head and pushed his mouth directly onto my sore, stretched out pussy and instructed him to start pushing his tongue deep in me. God, it felt so good to feel his mouth cleaning my messy hole. Nothing like an obedient Cuckold for messy creampies!

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