ss103 Cuckolded after da Club clip 2 of 10

Clip Time: 2 Minutes Clip Size: 35/mb
ss103 Cuckolded after da Club clip 2 of 10

ss103 Cuckolded after da Club clip 2 of 10 It had been many moons since Goddess Sara Swirls had a night out on the town. She woke up one day this summer with an itch that had to be scratched. She decided upon waking up this morning that she was going to go all out on the town and do some dancing and twerking out in public with her cuckold and her black bull. Sara dresses in a super skin tight short set that hugs all the right places and shows her vanilla thickness in all its splendor. At the club while sipping a cocktail her pussy starts to get extremely wet and she decides that after hearing nice club music and having a few dances with real men that it was now time to get ravished and served like a Goddess should be served. She leaves the club with her bull and cuckold and they arrive back at the Swirls Palace for some of the kinkiest cuckold action ever recorded for a Sara Swirls scene! This scene has it all up close interracial and cuckold fucking, sucking,and cucking. It has more verbal teasing and humiliation then most of Sara’s best works combined. Sara get’s really creamy and wet when her bull starts talking her cuckold while they are fucking. Sara and her bull make this cuckold lick in places where cuckolds have only dreamed and drooled of licking. This night will never be forgotten for in the history of Sara Swirls there have not been many nights as kinky as this one and we have it all recorded for your freaky and kinky viewing pleasure

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