Why Do I Have to Watch This!

Clip Time: 5 Minutes Clip Size: 141/mb
Why Do I Have to Watch This!

Now, Summer Day is teasing and tormenting Steven really bad as she makes him watch real closely as I pound away at her asshole in Reverse Cowgirl Anal and Cowgirl Anal. Steve is getting a little tired of this treatment and I can honestly say, I don’t blame him, lol. That must be tough to watch but maybe he actually likes this and isn’t letting it be known. See me gape Summer Day’s asshole really wide while she makes him hold her ankle and he assumes the proper CUCKOLD position. Lots of gaping and hard anal pounding action and poor Steve watching. * CUCKOLDING * CUCKOLD * ANAL CUCKOLD * GAPING * TEASE AND TORMENT * HUMILIATION * GAPING ASSHOLE * HOT BLONDE * TEASING * REVERSE COWGIRL ANAL * COWGIRL ANAL *

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