You can’t get enough, can you?

Clip Time: 4 Minutes Clip Size: 472/mb
You can't get enough, can you?

As my personal cuckold, I am going to humiliate you tonight. You will be handcuffed to the pole in our bedroom and ball gagged nice and tightly. Look at these handcuffs and ball gag, they are going to look so good on you while you watch me fuck my hot boyfriend. His dick is so much bigger than yours and he is way more of a man than you. Beta males like yourself deserve to be humiliated and cucked on a daily basis. After you watch us fuck for hours, you will clean up after us. He likes to blow HUGE, sticky loads into a condom inside of me. We will watch as you crawl over on your hands and knees and are forced to lick up and swallow every last drop of cum. There is nothing more humiliating than that. – Terra Mizu

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